Medical Chronologies are a Key Resource in Medical-Legal actions.

Our skilled team can create a timeline to exact specifications and cite the record. This means if you need a sequence of events arranged minute by minute, day by day or just a general overview, we can process unlimited numbers of pages efficiently and accurately.

We offer a 5-7 day turn around time and expedited work if necessary. Each record is hyperlinked, allowing the viewer to click immediately to the actual record.  Critical clinical information and key facts are presented using out templates, or customized specifically to your needs. The use of timelines provides a visual view of events.

Key features of our Medical Chronology 

  • Thorough, with all relevant information included.
  • Concise and factual.
  • Easy to understand. 
  • We can customize file type, formatting, and pagination for your use. 
  • Missing records and providers are identified.
  • Cost-efficient. 

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