We offer high quality medical-legal services reviewed by US-based medical doctors and medical practitioners. We understand the value of reliability and trust.

Juris Med-Legal is a Newport Beach company founded by medical and legal experts with experience in medicine and law. Our staff works hard to maintain its reputation as the gold standard in the medical-legal support service industry. We are committed to producing high level work product that you can rely upon in all stages of litigation. We offer competitive pricing, excellent turnaround times, expedited service when available, and an unparalleled commitment to quality. Our work is reviewed in a multi-step process to ensure our clients are always satisfied.

JML experts are based in the United States. Our focused background and experience ensures that the service you receive surpasses your expectations and provides value to your clients. Unlike other support firms, we employ medical doctors to review work product before it is finalized. Currently, we offer the following services: Medical Record Summaries; Medical Record Chronologies; Scientific & Medical Literature Searches; Missing Records Location & Identification; Deposition Summaries; Expert Witness Search; Deposition Narrative Summaries; Deposition Chronologies; Deposition Line-by-Lines.

We are the undisputed leader in healthcare support services offered to the legal industry, with years of expertise and hundreds of thousands of pages reviewed.

You will save money with us. Our staff can handle your specific request and provide reliable and competent service. We take our work seriously and value your relationship. Contact us today to get started.