Accurate. Cost-effective.

Save more than 50% compared to in-house summarizing. The preparation of deposition line-by-lines is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the litigation process. An ordinary line-by-line can take a full day or more to prepare and review. We have offered line-by-line services to firms nationwide and provide a useful product. Our service saves you money.

Line by Line Service:

  • ¬†Formatting options:
    • Standard 2 column [Deposition Transcript Source (page and line); Summary of Testimony]
    • Optional 3 column line-by line¬†[Deposition Transcript Source (page and line); Summary of Testimony; Importance/Insight)
  • 5-7 day turnaround; expedited service available.
  • Weekend service available.
  • 10:1 deposition transcript pages: line by line pages.
  • We can handle large volume projects (thousands of pages of testimony.)
  • Secure file delivery via electronic mail, standard mail, and DropBox.
  • Output in your preferred document format and file type.