We excel at researching authoritative medical and scientific literature and uncovering information critical to the success of a medical legal case. Our experts, trained in sciences and medicine, dig very deep — well beyond a basic search to discover a theoretical foundation for a winning medical legal case. This is a time consuming process for attorneys. We can help you.

JML experts provide:

  • Continuous supporting research throughout the case as new issues present and the case unfolds.
  • Discoveries of novel theories, based on authorities, to support your position.
  • Selection only of authoritative literature.
  • Analysis of drug studies of all forms (randomized clinical trials, cohorts, meta-analyses) and clinical studies.
  • Objective analysis of literature and studies to demonstrate strengths of weaknesses of a certain position.
  • Research of Standard of Care documents specific to a medical malpractice case.
  • Telephonic conference or written summary upon the review of the literature to enhance understanding, bottom line opinion, and competitive edge.

We can search medical literature to help you find information on a specific topic – no matter the obscurity. Our skilled team can perform searches for attorneys and life care planners on simple to broad medical topics, tailored to your specific needs.

The value of a scientific article depends on the fundamentals of good study design, quality data collection and valid interpretation of results. We interpret medical literature through critical appraisal and evidence-based methodology and present conflicting viewpoints.


• Literature search.
• Written review findings.
• Analysis based on literature search.
• Recommendations based on findings.

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